Working Proccess

The Case

Creative chalenge - to develop design for the meetup of employes of two hi-tech companies. Materials include landing page, social share image and email signature.

  • Social networks feel and look
  • To achieve attractive style for that particular mostly young and creative group that works in the field of mobile and social media, we need to make it clean, simple, trendy and cool: kinda in the style of social media atmosphere - illustrations, animations as we see it in facebook, linkedin and etc.

  • Infographic style
  • Attacher and Mgranule - companies that specialize in mobile and internet data analytics. So it will be very natural to use infographics style here.

  • Location and culture specific
  • San Francisco special place in american culture; and sushi bar thats connected to japanese culture. Actually, the west coast area was historically and economically connected to Japan.

    The sketch and creative development

    The Landing page's design

    A social media campaign

    Animation header proposal

    UX design and coding of the Request button for the landing page

    Request an invite